We curate the best crypto lists to save you time. Stay informed, get an edge, and be out in front as digital assets reshape the future of the world.  Trade crypto on 1 of the best exchanges.  Or research a high potential crypto gaming coin.

See the best crypto lists highlighting top crypto coins, exchanges, security and trading tools that will give you a winning edge.

"The best crypto lists online that both save me time and give me an edge."
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The Best Crypto Coin Lists

The Best coins from each sector.

Crypto lists for overall, gaming, defi, web3 and meme.

Top 10 Crypto List for Research:

  1. BTC
  2. ETH
  3. GALA
  4. HEX
  5. SHIB
  6. SFUND
  7. UFO
  8. VRA
  9. WILD
  10. THG

Gain an edge with your trading with the Lux Algo indicator!

Crypto Exchange List

Where and how to buy and trade.

The best crytpo exchange list depending upon your skill level and goals.

Binance is a great crypto exchange!

Mexc is a great exchange for leveraged trading (available for US users)

Find the next crypto gem on Kucoin!  For every 4 crypto holders in the world, there’s 1 from Kucoin cryptocurrency exchange! There are also mystery gifts, VIP perks, fan-only benefits, and other bonuses waiting for you!

Crypto Tools & Security List

Crypto tools to keep you safe give you an edge.

Hard wallets, soft wallets, vpn, UB keys, free staking, blockchain explorers and whale watcher tools.

Nord VPN – provides you a secure, encrypted tunnel for online traffic to flow. Nobody can see through the tunnel, get their hands on your online data, or find your real IP address and location.

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